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The team

The team

Laurie St-Georges
Rock Star nickname: « Smiley »
Age: 23
Years curled: 16
Occupation: Student in communication (journalism)
Education: 3rd year, University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), Montreal, QC
Hobby: Dance



Hailey Armstrong
Rock Star nickname: « The Armour »
Age: 25
Years curled: 18
Occupation: Student
Education: 3rd year, Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON
Hobby: Having a good time !



Emily RileyEmily Riley
Rock Star nickname: « M&M »
Age: 23
Years curled: 14
Occupation: Student – Master degree in kinesiology
Education:  1st year, Ottawa University, Ottawa, ON
Hobby: Music



Cynthia St-Georges
Rock Star nickname: « Cinnamon »
Age: 19
Years curled: 11
Occupation: Student in Sciences
Education: 3rd year, Montmorency College, Laval, QC
Hobby: Dance



Isabelle Thiboutot
Rock Star nickname: « Bella »
Age: 24
Years curled: 16
Occupation: Nurse Student
Education: 3rd year, Laval University, Quebec, QC
Hobby: Film




Florence Boivin
Rock Star nickname: « The Flow »
Age: 20
Years curled: 6
Occupation: Student in Management
Education: 1st year, Sherbrooke University – Longueuil Campus, Longueuil, QC
Hobby: Hockey pools